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We celebrate our beautiful furry friends who have gone on to Rainbow Bridge to rest in peace, whole bodied and
full of life and spirit.
If you have lost a companion animal and would like to share a picture and story or dedication, please email us and we will place your story on the "In Memory" page.
1997-2009     Geronimo Bloomberg
"G-dog" was a new furry friend Kim was blessed to care for in the summer of 2009, when Geronimo's Dad was moving his daughter to another
state to train in veterinary medicine.
Geronimo and his Dad, Mike were inseparable. Here we were, ready to care for
G-dog when he had not been "left" with anyone before. Well, we became fast friends and Kim quickly fell in love with him! He walked off leash (we took walks from his home in Niles to the Pet Boutique - where he "shopped" for what he wanted off the shelves), didn't step off the curb until released, wouldn't even step off the grass (while we played Frisbee) unless he turned around to "ask" if it was okay to cross the sidewalk and retrieve the Frisbee. He was sweet, soft spirited, balanced, peaceful and a joy to spend time with. After our first week together, Kim knew she couldn't wait to see him again....and so she didn't! Kim stopped by Geronimo's house occasionally to say hi and get
 a hug on her way home from the shop.
The end was very swift for G-dog. Mike discovered only a few weeks before Geronimo went to Rainbow Bridge, that his kidneys were failing and he had limited time left with us. Kim saw him three times in those weeks and on her last visit, he came to her, rested his head on her legs and let her hug him tight for many minutes. Looking back, he must have been saying good-bye and for that moment and time we shared together in the summer and fall, Kim will always be grateful for having known and cared for this most handsome Border Collie, our friend and undoubtedly the love of Mike's life, Geronimo.
1994-2009    Teddy Watson
Teddy was our regular 1 o'clock daily visit for the past nine months. Sadly, on Sunday May 24, 2009 he lost his very brave fight for life, in the company of his Mom, in his own home, on his favorite red bed, covered by his "brown blankie".
Teddy was unable to walk on his own so Kim took him for wagon rides through the neighborhood last summer, so he would still have the opportunity to smell the flowers and feel the sun on his fur. During our nine months together, Teddy heard stories from Kim about "The Adventures of Teddy" where Teddy could live a full life through stories, traveling to foreign lands, riding on airplanes, saving Princesses and dueling with pirates. Teddy was always a good listener.
Teddy will be missed and thought of every day at 1 o'clock. Our thoughts go out to Teddy's Mom, Lori while she grieves the loss of one beautiful red Chow who captured our heart from the first look.
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